Sunday, October 16, 2011


Je suis rentrée, finalement, et la rentrée c'est duur. Enfin, voici un de mes projets/devoirs que j'avais à rendre pour cette rentrée, qui était un bestiaire en cinq photos ( l'autre sujet était Hors les Murs, que vous pouvez trouver ici ). Pour ce sujet j'ai réalisé une série qui s'appelle "des Animaux et des Croyances" et dans laquelle j'ai associé chaque animal avec une croyance liée à lui dans un pays ou une tribu du monde.


I am back to school finally, and one of the homework we had to do was a bestiary in five photos ( the other was a series with the subject " hors les murs " that you can see here ). For this subject I choose to to a series called "Animals and Believes" and I associate one animal with one belief of a country or a tribe from somewhere.

the bear - in Europe, he's linked with obscurity, invisibility and virility.
the cat - for the Nias of Sumatra, the cat is the servant of Hell, he pushes guilty souls in infernal waters.
the rabbit - he's a lunar animal, because he gambols in the night and knows how to disappear with the silence of shadows.
the wolf - in China, he's the guardian of the Celestial Palace.
the fox - he is considered in China as the double of the human conscience.

here are outtakes I took during shooting the bestiary :)


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1,2,3,8,9,11 are my fav! really amazing!

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wonderful pics! i feel so inspired by them!

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I love your pictures!

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I'm seriously in love with your pictures!
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