Sunday, July 3, 2011

welcome & roses

Welcome on my new photography blog, launched today. As you can guess I will post here my photos in series, not to clutter up my flickr or dA with all photos in a same series.  I will start by old series and so try to clean a little bit my flickr, putting a link under the photos to the article where the whole series would be. I also wanted to write a little bit, I used to do it on the flickr description of my photos, but as no one seamed to care, I stopped. I now kinda miss it so I hope you will enjoy it on a blog  ;-)

First series I post is Roses. It is a one year old one I did with my beautiful best friend. Let me introduce her in a gentle series about flowers, hiding in the grass, and lot of pink.

Model is my beautiful best friend Margaux.